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Landscape Job in North Vancouver

This was a unique task. It gave me the opportunity to work with surveying equipment. Once we established the existing point of the landscape we entered those points in 3D rendering software. Once we had it all in place we produced a lighting rendering to show how the landscape would be lit

  • House-in-Tsawwassen

  • 5173-2-avenue-delta-R2164750-1

  • Front

  • 5173-2-avenue-delta-R2164750-18

  • Back

  • 5173-2-avenue-delta-R2164750-19

  • 5173-2-avenue-delta-R2164750-17

  • Left

  • Right

  • 5173-2-avenue-delta-R2164750-2

  • 5173-2-avenue-delta-R2164750-3

  • 5173-2-avenue-delta-R2164750-4

  • 5173-2-avenue-delta-R2164750-5

  • 5173-2-avenue-delta-R2164750-6

  • 5173-2-avenue-delta-R2164750-7

  • 5173-2-avenue-delta-R2164750-8

  • 5173-2-avenue-delta-R2164750-9

  • 5173-2-avenue-delta-R2164750-10

  • 5173-2-avenue-delta-R2164750-11

  • 5173-2-avenue-delta-R2164750-12

  • 5173-2-avenue-delta-R2164750-13

  • 5173-2-avenue-delta-R2164750-14

  • 5173-2-avenue-delta-R2164750-15

  • 5173-2-avenue-delta-R2164750-16

Custom home in Tsawwassen

An investor contacted us to design a custom home. He was pleased to find out that under the old land title he wasn’t restricted to a square footage. The house will be listed for $2,200,000.00

  • Tenant Improvement Coquitlam

    Tenant Improvement Coquitlam

  • Commercial-Reno


Tenant improvement in Coquitlam

A business owner was pressed with a short time frame to get his building renovation permit approved to continue doing business. The permit was approved quickly with precise accurate drawings made by Canadian Blueprint.

  • Home-Renovation


  • Front

  • Right

  • Rear-Right

  • Rear

  • Rear2

  • Left

Home retrofit in Burnaby

A developer contacted us draft up their design for a home renovation. With these 3D images the developer and the city are both able to see how this house is going to not only improve their home but also their neighborhood.

  • Home Blueprints Vancouver


  • Front Right

  • 3D Home Render Vancouver


  • Front

  • Home Permit Drawings Vancouver


  • Home Dormer Addition Vancouver


  • Home Improvement Vancouver


  • Home Renovation Vancouver


Dormer addition in Vancouver

A home owner needed drawings of her existing home to apply for a permit to add a dormer on their roof. Canadian Blueprint not only provided the 2D Architectural drawings, but also 3D rendering. The property was later sold for $1,249,000.00. This encouraged the owner to contact Canadian Blueprint with her next home renovation for a different property.